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Looking for awesome Anon goggles? Do you want to have maximum visibility during your winter sports? Then you have come to the right place at We have an extensive collection of Anon goggles for both women and men. So, guaranteed good vision with a Anon goggle!

Anon Ski goggles with PERCEIVE lenses

Anon As of season 2021, goggles have replaced the Sonar lenses for PERCEIVE lenses. These lenses have been specially developed for Anon and display even better contrast. In addition to razor-sharp vision, the lenses are coated so condensation is a thing of the past. PERCEIVE lenses stand out when conditions on the slopes get worse. The trick is to continue to see depth, color and contrast when there is less light in the sky. This trick has been mastered extremely well at Anon and this is reflected in the quality of the Anon goggles.

Magna-Tech® magnetic lenses

Want to change lenses easily and super fast? Then check out the Anon goggles that feature Magna-Tech. The lens is attached to the frame by several strong magnaets. This allows you to easily and quickly replace the lens with a bad-weather lens, for example.

Models such as the Anon M3, M2 and the Anon Sync feature the Magna-Tech® system. In addition to these models, Anon m4 goggles are also available at

Of course, these models come with bonus lens so that you can continue snowboarding or skiing in all conditions.

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Anon goggles for spectacle wearers

All models Anon ski goggles are suitable for eyeglass wearers. This is also called OTG. OTG stands for Over The Glasses. Of course, it may happen, with an exceptional mechanic of glasses, that the ski goggles do not fit quite right.

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Anon goggles with spherical lens

A Anon Ski goggle with a spherical lens, also called a "convex" lens, has the advantage that the convexity follows the shape of the eyes. This allows you to see just a little more contrast in the snow. Popular models Anon ski goggles with a with spherical lens are the Anon M2 and the M3.

Anon ski goggles with a cylindrical lens

Anon Ski goggles with a cylindrical lens, also called "flat" lens, have the advantage that they are often just a little bit cheaper. The main reason is that this type of lens is simply easier to make. A small advantage of a cylindrical lens over a spherical lens is that it is slightly less vulnerable to scratches.

Anon goggles fit perfectly with a snowboard and ski helmet

Besides a good Anon goggle, also looking for a safe snowboard helmet? Then check out Anon snowboard helmets. These fit perfectly together which increases comfort!

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Do you know exactly which cool Anon goggle you want to buy? Then order them safely and quickly at We send the Anon goggle within Europe to you very fast with PostNL and for free! Want more information about Anon goggles or want to see them in real life? Come to our snowboard shop

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