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Looking for awesome Capita snowboards? Then is the place to be! In our collection of snowboards you will find boards from the Austrian brand Capita. The boards are handmade with 100% clean energy in their own factory, called The Mothership. Mars1: Mothership Advanced Research Station 1 was completed in 2016 and is the most technologically advanced and environmentally responsible production facility in the snowboard industry. Are you environmentally conscious? Then a Capita snowboard might be your favorite brand.

Sustainable Capita snowboards

In addition to investing in clean energy, the crew at Capita snowboards (The Mothership) is also committed to challenging themselves to find new ways to produce responsibly and find safer, more sustainable and recyclable materials for use in construction.

capita snowboards

Capita snowboards uses water-based, UV-curable and solvent-free inks in printing and zero toxic lacquer in topcoat application (thanks to patented PLT technology), plant-based bio-resins in construction and FSC-certified wood cores.

What makes this snowboard unique

The wood core of a Capita snowboard is the heart and soul of the riding experience. This essential element defines the main character traits of a snowboard and acts as the primary building block for everything else that goes into a Capita board. All Capita snowboards start with a specialized wood core that provides a uniform flex, more control when turning and an incredibly fast response. Different woods, along with custom core profiles, help give each board a unique feel and targeted flex.

capita snowboards

Discover the Most Popular Models from Capita Snowboards - Designed for Outstanding Performance

Capita Snowboards is known for its high-quality and innovative snowboarding products, and their most popular models are loved by snowboarders of all skill levels. Here are some of the most sought-after Capita snowboard models:

  1. Capita Defenders of Awesome (DOA): The DOA is an acclaimed freestyle snowboard known for its versatility and responsive ride. It is loved by freestylers and all-mountain riders for its powerful camber profile and playful flex.

  2. Capita Mercury: The Mercury is designed for adventurous all-mountain riders. With a hybrid camber profile and lightweight construction, it offers a perfect blend of stability and maneuverability for various terrains and conditions.

  3. Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro: This snowboard was designed in collaboration with legendary snowboarder Kazu Kokubo. With a directional shape and camber profile, it offers excellent control and stability at high speeds and in deep powder.

  4. Capita Ultrafear: For freestyle enthusiasts, the Ultrafear is a popular choice. With a reverse camber profile and twin shape, it is perfect for park riding and creative tricks.

These popular models from Capita Snowboards are carefully designed to deliver outstanding performance and take the riding experience to new heights. Whether you are a freestyler, all-mountain rider or powder fan, there is a Capita snowboard for everyone. Choose the trusted quality and innovation of Capita and experience the ultimate snowboarding adventure.


Laminated fiberglass is used on the top and bottom of the wood core of a Capita snowboard to protect it from water damage and is also a key component in controlling the boards strength and flex. When applying the resin, they use a mechanized dispensing system that accurately delivers a calculated amount of resin per board to ensure that the correct ratio of resin to fiberglass is achieved. This process eliminates potential dry spots, prevents declination and ensures that no weight is added by excess resin. All Capita snowboards are made this way.

The most popular Capita snowboards

That Capita has quickly established itself among the big brands is no longer news. Models like the Capita Super D.O.A and Merc like the Capita Mercury have largely accounted for the popularity. Also, Capita has its own team of pro riders like Scott Stevens, Jess Kimura and Kazu Kokubo. Capita is one of the most innovative and creative snowboard brands on the market that puts having fun at the top of its priority list. You can find almost all types of snowboards at capita. Looking for a rocker snowboard, camber snowboard or a flat snowboard? Capita has it!

capita snowboards with different profiles

Capita Snowboards offers a diverse range of snowboard profiles, also known as camber profiles, which are designed to tackle different riding styles and terrains. The camber profile refers to how the snowboard behaves under pressure and can have a big impact on the board's performance and feel while riding. Here are some of the different profiles offered by Capita:

  1. Traditional Camber: This is the classic camber profile where the board has an arc in the middle, with the contact points at the ends. Traditional camber provides excellent pop, stability and grip on snow, making it ideal for experienced riders who like aggressive riding.

  2. Flat Camber: With a flat camber profile, there are no bends in the board, resulting in a flat bottom. This makes for a stable and forgiving ride, perfect for beginners and freestyle riders who do a lot of jibbing and tricks.

  3. Reverse Camber/Rocker: Reverse camber, also known as rocker, has an upward arc in the center of the board, bringing the contact points closer to the center. This creates a playful and forgiving feel, making the board easy to turn in turns and ideal for powder and freestyle riding.

  4. Hybrid Camber: Hybrid camber profiles combine different camber and rocker elements to take advantage of both. A popular variation is camber between the bindings with rocker in the nose and tail, giving the board stability, pop and maneuverability.

Choosing the right camber profile is essential to achieve the desired riding experience. For aggressive riders looking for speed and precision, traditional camber is ideal. If you prefer a playful and forgiving feel, choose a rocker profile. For versatility and all-mountain performance, hybrid camber profiles can be an excellent choice. Whatever your riding style, Capita has the perfect camber profile to take your snowboarding experience to the next level.

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