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Picture Snowboard apparel.... also for skiers ;-)

Picture Organic Clothing was born in 2008 and founded by 3 friends who wanted to produce the best snowboard clothing in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In its first year, the French winter sports brand produced snowboard jackets and pants from recycled PET bottles. In addition, the brand uses organically grown cotton and recycled polyester. Meanwhile, Pictureskiwear and snowboard clothing has become indispensable. You can recognize the snowboard jackets and snowboard pants by the color combinations and blocks.

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Distinctive snowboard clothing from Picture skiwear

Picture Besides their environmentally friendly production methods,organic clothing is known for their distinctive snowboard clothing. The various color combinations they use are typical of their collection. In addition, they make appropriate clothing for every type of rider. For example, they have an Expedition series for the active freerider and a Friendly collection for the freestyler. The jackets from the Adventure collection are also perfect for winter wear in addition to winter sports. All ski jackets and ski pants from Picture have a minimum water column and breathability of 10,000. The Expedition line is the most technical. The jackets and pants have a higher water column and breathability.

Ski jackets and pants from Picturen are equipped with all kinds of technical features such as snow catchers, Handy zippered pockets for audio or phone. Storage options for your ski goggles and much more. A nice detail is that the lining of the Picture jacket and pants is made from recycled material from other clothing brands. You can find the residual waste from other brands on the inside of a Picture jacket or pant. How cool is that?

Picture Naikoon and Zephir jacket

The Naikoon and Zephir jacket are one of the most popular ski and snowboard jackets in Picture Organic Clothing's collection. Of both jackets, the shell is made of bio-sourced hardshell. This material is made from recycled sugarcane waste that is converted into bio-based polyester. In addition, they are super waterproof and extremely suitable for the avid winter sports enthusiasts among us.

Regardless of whether you are a snowboarder or a skier. There is always a great jacket and pants to find in the awesome winter sports clothing brand Picture Organic Clothing.

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Picture Connect snowboard pants to jacket

Besides all kinds of technical features, it also offers you the possibility to attach your snowboard pants to your jacket. This keeps your snowboard suit better in place in case of a fall, for example. Furthermore, you can endlessly combine pants and jackets. The brand offers so many colors and styles that it's hard to choose.

Picture Snowboard wear is durable and high quality

All the materials Picture skiwear uses are almost environmentally friendly. For example, 65% of the cotton used is organic. 67% of the polyester they use comes from recycled PET bottles and 100% of the wool and leather they use doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or substances. In addition, it comes from suppliers who treat their animals humanely.

All these core values do not detract from the quality of their snowboard clothing and materials. For example, all outdoor snowboard pants and jackets have and minimum water column of 10,000 mm and breathability of 10,000. Also try out the fleece vests in our store and other clothing is the most common colors like brown, blue, black and gray.

Washing your Picture snowboard clothing

Now that you have chosen a snowboard suit from Picture, of course you also want to maintain the suit properly in an environmentally friendly way. Of course you can! We offer of Holmenkol biodegradable detergent and even a spray to make your snowboarding outfit completely waterproof again.

  • Holmenkol Natural Proof
  • Holmenkol Textile Wash

Check out our entire new collection of snowboard clothing and ski jackets here and order online with free shipping from €39,95. Still have questions? Feel free to ask them or drop by our snowboard shop in Oldenzaal. Easy access and free parking in front of the door.

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