Freestyle snowboards

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Gyakran Ismételt Kérdések

What is a freestyle snowboard? plus-icon

A freestyle snowboard is a specific type of snowboard designed for riding in the snowpark, performing tricks, and executing freestyle maneuvers such as jumps, spins, and rails. These snowboards have features focused on agility, stability, and playfulness to cater to the needs of freestyle snowboarders.

What is the best freestyle snowboard? plus-icon

Determining the best freestyle snowboard is subjective and depends on various factors, such as personal preferences, riding style, and skill level. However, there are some freestyle snowboards that are known for their quality and performance.

What is the cost of a freestyle snowboard? plus-icon

The price of a freestyle snowboard can vary depending on factors such as the brand, quality, technologies, and specific features of the snowboard. Generally, freestyle snowboards can range in price from around €300 to €700 or more.

How long should a freestyle snowboard be? plus-icon

The length of a freestyle snowboard depends on various factors, including your body weight, height, riding style, and personal preference. Generally, freestyle snowboards can be slightly shorter than all-mountain or freeride snowboards, as a shorter snowboard provides increased maneuverability and makes it easier to perform tricks in the park.

When to choose a freestyle snowboard? plus-icon

You may choose to purchase a freestyle snowboard if you are interested in performing tricks, jumping in the snow park, jibbing on rails and boxes, and overall improving your freestyle skills. Freestyle snowboards are specially designed to provide agility, playfulness, and stability, making them ideal for freestyle riding.