VANS snowboard boots

VANS snowboard shoes

VANS has been known for its skate shoes for years. Since 1966 they have been making these shoes, today they have become 1 of the biggest "alternative" brands on this globe.

VANS Snowboard shoes have the same style and attention to detail that you are used to from this great brand. Besides looking super nice, these shoes are also technically very strong.

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VANS snowboardboots

VANS snowboard boots technology

The VANS snowboard boot is full of new technology and that's no surprise, all to make the best snowboard boot available. Of course, all brands compete for this, which only makes for better and better boots, which we enjoy!

Popcush & Ultracush

Popcush can be seen in the whole "sport" line. This extra insert in the heel of the shoe protects the heel when landing hard and landing incorrectly.

Ultracush is a special type of performance foam that replaces unnecessary material with this lightweight variant.

No more cold feet in your VANS snowboard boots.

Every VANS snowboard boot is equipped with a special thermal layer to keep all the heat in your feet. With a special inlay, most of the heat goes to your toes so you never have cold toes on a long day on the slopes. The popular VANS hi-standard of quality!

Different inner shoes

They work with different Liners. 3 different ones to be exact. Each boot has its own qualities and one is slightly better than the other. All VANS snowboard boots are heat moldable.

  • V1 Ultracush is the basic boot liner, this liner has a flexible toebox and is completely heat moldable.
  • V2 Ultracush Smartwool liner is equipped with merino smartwool, which is soft, anti-odor and keeps your feet dry longer than a normal liner. In addition, the V2 inner shoe is equipped with the X-gace. This is an extra bracing around the ankle.
  • V3 Ultracush TNF Flashdry liner, is the best inner shoe from VANS. Equipped with an improved X-cage brace for the ankle and flashdry fabric developed by The North Face. This fabric behaves like asecond skin. This special fabric does not get wet and prevents odor. In addition, the V3 boot is very well adaptable to your feet.

Closure on your VANS snowboard boots

VANS works a lot with the well-known BOA closure. However, this is often in combination with another closure system. There are shoes with 1 BOA or with 2 BOAs. There is also a different closure system devised for each type of shoe. Some with the Custom guide so that the BOA cable conforms to the shape of your foot. Another shoe works again with 2 closures to adjust top and both separately.

Hybrid closures are a combination of the old familiar lace and the "new" BOA system. The best of both worlds!

VANS Infuse

The VANS Infuse is the top of the line model. The boots are faster, lighter, stronger and packed with technical features. The Infuse's flex can be adjusted by means of two rods that can be removed when you want to snowboard with more flex in your boots. This system is called the Flex Control System by VANS. In addition, the snowboard boot features a V3 liner. Together with the V2 UltraCush footbed this provides support, maximum comfort and top performance.

Closing the boot is super easy with the VANS Hybrid Plus BOA system. This system combines traditional lacing with the power of a Boa.

VANS Aura Pro

The VANS Aura Pro is best described with three simple words: Style, Comfort and Control. These boots feature a double BOA. Also called Boa Focus. The advantage of a double Boa closure is that you can adjust the top as well as the bottom of the boots separately from each other. The lightweight V2 Waffleflex outsole and UltrCush midsole provides a natural flex that improves board feel.

The liner that VANS put into the Aura Pro is a V2 liner. This liner shoe is heatmoldable. This means that you can heat the shoe with a special hair dryer. After heating you stand in the snowboard boots for a while and your footprint becomes embedded in the liner. In short: A nice all mountain / Freeride snowboard boot that combines comfort, style and performance.

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