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Once upon a time, two Dutch stuntmen read an article in a scientific journal about a new "smart" polymer called D3O®. They immediately saw the potential to replace existing rigid and clunky impact protectors with a low-profile, flexible solution. They named the plane to meet the company behind this invention. Now it's history, but so began their journey what is now called XION Protection.

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XION Protective Gear

After years of testing and improvement, the XION® Protective Gear brand was born. During the design process, XION received tremendous support from fellow stunt professionals and athletes. In the company's history, they were also the first to wear the protective undergarments and spread the word about the new and revolutionary product.

Many of the stunt people also participate in (extreme) sports. As a result, the story of the new brand XION ProtectiveWear took a turn that the founders themselves never expected. They received requests from athletes around the world to supply the equipment to them as well.
Simon: "The winter sports market" was suddenly the hottest market for us. Protection is always secondary to what people do. They have to wear it, but prefer not to. So, if it's comfortable and you don't notice you're wearing it and it doesn't restrict your movements, most people are very happy. We succeeded and many athletes now choose XION Protective Wear®."

Snowboard protection with D30 from XION

Snowboard protection products from XION are powered by and protected by D3O's pioneering impact protection technology. D3O is a pioneer in the development of shock-absorbing "smart materials. They are exceptional in achieving the highest protection while maintaining optimal flexibility.

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XION Protection was one of the first to apply the patented D3O technology in Ski and snowboard protection apparel. This early collaboration contributed greatly to the creation of innovative undergarments based on both science and practical experience.

How does D3O work from XION

Nothing protects better than D3O®, which offers the thinnest and most advanced impact protection. So it's ideal for snowboarders and skiers.

D3O® realizes materials through a combination of advanced polymer chemistry and advanced design. The materials are soft and flexible without compromising comfort. Compared to standard foam, they react differently when force is applied.

D3O® absorbs and dissipates energy during an impact. This reduces the amount of force transferred to your body and results in fewer damaging injuries in the protected areas that can occur after a fall while snowboarding.

XION Snowboard protection

Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience, good snowboard protection is a must. XION Protection is very popular among avid snowboarders and skiers. One of the biggest reasons why they choose XION Protection is that it is hardly visible under your snowboard and ski clothing. This is due to the intelligent material D3O. The material is nice and flexible and molds to the lines of your body.

XION Buy Protective Wear online

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